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Whether you carry everyday, or just want a solid belt that will withstand abuse without sacrificing comfort, the Blue Alpha Gear SR EDC Belt is a perfect choice.

Our EDC belts are made from two layers of high quality 1.5″ nylon webbing that are sewn together with matching color bonded nylon thread creating an extra strong and extra stiff belt that looks great. The sizing is specific to each pant size, yet allows for movement of your waistline or for the extra space you need for your IWB daily carry. For full Product details please scroll to the bottom of the page….

**EDC Belts Are Made To Order And Typically Ship in 2-5 Business Days**


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**EDC Belts Are Made To Order And Typically Ship in 2-5 Business Days**


Whether you carry everyday, or just want a solid belt that will withstand abuse without sacrificing comfort, the Blue Alpha Gear Side Release EDC Belt is a perfect choice.

Our EDC belts are made from two layers of high quality 1.5″ nylon webbing that are sewn together with matching color bonded nylon thread creating an extra strong and extra stiff belt that looks great. The sizing is specific to each pant size, yet allows for movement of your waistline or for the extra space you need for your IWB daily carry. This belt features a tough polymer side release buckle that’s made in the USA and designed to take abuse. We make each belt with pride in the USA and our EDC Belts carry a Lifetime no questions asked Warranty!

Sizing note: Order your belt based on the pants size you wear. Our belts are designed to work +1 and -1 size, for example a 34 belt will also fit 32 and 36. If you feel like you are in between two sizes or can’t decide which of two sizes to choose, we recommend the larger size. There is a Size Chart in the photos.

Buckle note: While we find the belt to work well with most belt loops, some belt loops can be too small to fit the SR buckle through. This can usually be worked around by removing the male end of the buckle before looping the nylon through the belt loops, then reinstalling the male buckle. The height of this SR buckle is 1.75″ outside diameter.

Sizes not listed: If you need a size smaller than 28″ or larger than 48″, select the option “Other Size Not Listed Below 28 or Above 48 (Add Size to Order Notes)” in the drop down menu. It is very helpful to us if you give us a measured size through your loops, and your pants size in the order notes. Please specify which number is which. *Please allow a couple extra days for custom sizes to ship*

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Weight N/A

Black, Coyote Brown, OD Green, Wolf Gray

Size (Pants Size)

28 (Pants Size), 30 (Pants Size), 32 (Pants Size), 34 (Pants Size), 36 (Pants Size), 38 (Pants Size), 40 (Pants Size), 42 (Pants Size), 44 (Pants Size), 46 (Pants Size), 48 (Pants Size), Other Size Not Listed (Add Size to Order Notes)

27 reviews for SR EDC Belt

  1. Valued Customer

    All other gun belts in the world!!! Sit down!!! It is the best one of its kind! The only thing you need to decide is to choose the buckle type. I bought the SR type but after I tried it on me, I decided to get another one. This time with the Cobra clip. SR is still excellent, but I just want to have one with a metal clip. Good work Blue Alpha! BTW, this company`s customer service is excellent! I know you have no reason to, but trust me! This is the best of the best!

  2. Valued Customer

    This belt is awesome. Sturdy but not too stiff, supports guns, knives, spare mags, anything you need. The buckle is only good if you don’t have holsters/accessories that have thread on attachment. You will need to remove the buckle every time to put a holster on unless it has something like pull the dot snaps/straps. I have noticed the buckle rattle when walking which is annoying. I would recommend the low pro belt instead of this one. I have ordered one with the range/battle belt. Website is awesome and easy to use, overall impressed with blue alpha gear.

  3. Valued Customer

    After about a year and a half belt still going strong. Has maintained the rigidity throughout its life thus far. You will NOT find a better belt in this price range. By far the best value for an edc/ccw belt. Now for customer service. This company is THE BOMB. When I ordered my belt it was shortly before my wife and I had gone on vacation. I contacted blue alpha gear and explained that I was leaving shortly, gave them a date, inquired if my belt would be ready and shipped by the time I left, in hopes of being able to test the belt a bit while on vacation, and not only did I get a reply, they made sure the belt was at my door by the time I left. I can not recommend this company and their belts enough.

  4. Valued Customer

    Belt is definitely sturdy and capable of any EDC your carrying. Mostly comfortable. Dont like the buckle, have been wearing it for about two weeks now and the buckle is starting to rattle alot when I move. To the point that someone asked me if I was carrying a gun because they could hear the rattleing sound as I walked by. Probably going to go back to a leather belt, sorry. St least it was only $30.

    • Kurt

      Sorry for the late reply to this review, our new system allows us to better communicate with reviews. If you’re still unhappy with your SR EDC belt please send us an email so can get it worked out. We’ll gladly swap it out for a different belt or give you a refund. Thanks

  5. Valued Customer

    My name is Christopher Martinez and I own a blue Alpha gear belt one of the best built by Blue Alpha gear

  6. Valued Customer

    What a great belt for not a whole lot of money. Fits in Levis and Carhartt with no issues. Solidly built and is the cost of a week’s worth of coffee. Works great for AIWB and regular carry. This is a perfectly capable everyday belt. Good stuff made in the US.

  7. Valued Customer

    Belt arrived 2 days after order. I ordered belt at my pant size as suggested by Blue Alpha, it fit correctly first time. Very comfortable to wear my OWB Stealth Operator holster does not shift around, easy to adjust the belt. I needed to call customer service on a question got an American who helped me out she was great loved her Dogs(labs) Excellent belt , American Made, Ill soon order a tan one

  8. Valued Customer

    What a great belt for EDC. Super high quality construction. This belt will not sag under the weight of your holstered firearm. It is very rigid yet amazingly comfortable. Again, what a belt. What a value!

  9. Valued Customer

    You guys have done it. Finally , a belt that works with all my stuff. I carry Shield, Kimbers, and Glocks. All with different styles of cloths. Church cloths to play and work, your belt works, feels and looks good. Thank you

  10. Valued Customer

    Got this belt the other day super easy to adjust and use very happy with this product only complaint is I do wish it was a little more stiff

  11. Valued Customer

    This belt is really good for the price. I have a steel core leather gun belt and the blue alpha gear belt is just as rigid at half the cost. I carry a sig p320 compact and the belt doesn’t bend or fold with the weight of the gun. The buckle works great too. It’s the perfect size as it fits between the clips of the holster when appendix carrying. The customer service that Blue Alpha Gear provides is top notch as well. All things considered it’s rigid but not bulky and the price is awesome. I will without a doubt be purchasing from them again in the future.

  12. Valued Customer

    Best belt for the dollar. Awesome warrantee. Tough to get through my Dickie’s pants loops but they did go through without taking the buckle off. I’ll be buying at least another one of these belts and their Hybrid belt in the future.

  13. Valued Customer

    Just received my belt today. It seems very durable and more rigid than my previous nylon gun belt from cabela’s. Very happy with my purchase. Now just have to wait for the hybrid buckle to be available and I will be buying another belt. Also tracking my package was very simple and didn’t take very long to receive. Thank you for a great belt that I will wear for many years to come.

  14. Valued Customer

    This belt is super high quality. This belt fits me perfectly and is very comfortable. I am very pleased with my purchase. Buy one today! You won’t be disappointed.

  15. Valued Customer

    I’ve only had this belt a couple of days but it has become my new favorite EDC belt. It’s light weight but stiff enough to support a holster (IWB or OWB both work great). So far I haven’t had any issues with the buckles fitting through the loops on my jeans like I’ve heard of with the Cobra buckles. This is a great belt for a great price!

  16. Valued Customer

    Extremely well made belt. I’ve only had it for about a week now but I love it. Can’t wait for my hybrid belts from the Kickstarter. Get one of these you won’t be disappointed!!!

  17. Justin

    I love the belt but hate the buckle. It holds the weight of my tier1 holster really well and very is very ridged. The buckle on the other hand kinda sucks. It has devolped an annoying rattle. Wish I would have got the low profile edc belt instead.

    • Kurt

      Hey Justin, sorry you’re having an issue with your SR buckle. We’ll gladly swap your belt for a Low Profile EDC belt if you’re interested. Send us an Email.

  18. Andrew Posfai

    Love this belt, it is rugged as hell and light. I use it as a replacement for the belt that held my tool bags together for framing. I also use it for surfcasting to keep water from getting into the legs of my waders and to holster a fish grip and pliers on. About to buy a second one for wearing in my work pants. Wish you made a thinner one with a more lower profile plastic buckle. You should think about marketing these belts for uses other than carrying.

  19. Sky fuckin Jones

    Ran this as an outer belt looped to the low profile for a while for USPSA. It did wonderfully for over a year. Handled even my heavy FNX 45. But for the sake of speed I got an HSGI slim padded belt and used this as an inner. The buckle makes it easy to get on and even more importantly off. Its been sweat in, stressed, and doesn’t even show it.

  20. Cisco (verified owner)

    Great belt at a great price! Ordering another one as I write this review. Hand made in the USA the quality is amazing use this belt everyday for the past 6 months still looks brand new!

  21. David Mullins (verified owner)

    Hands down the best EDC and Duty belts in the industry. We are proud to have Blue Alpha Gear as our Belts of choice.

  22. John L Fragale

    Best EDC belt, I every had. I bought and tried everything out there. This buy far is the best belt. Great Company and Great Prices !

  23. Travis (verified owner)

    This is my favorite EDC belt so far. I’ve been using an expensive leather belt for the last couple of years that has a steel liner inside it and I recently lost some weight. I couldn’t resize the belt without a drill press due to the steel liner so I purchased a blue alpha belt instead. I highly recommend these belts for your EDC.

  24. Lucas (verified owner)

    The only belt I wear. Extremely comfortable, perfect fit, and very durable. 6 months in and my belt looks like the day I bought it. I 100% recommend this belt.

  25. Manuel Jimenez (verified owner)

    Great belt and service no regrets

  26. Devin D (verified owner)

    Good quality product from a company that cares about its customers. I ordered this belt ignoring the clip warning. When I received it, it onviously wouldnt fit through my belt loops, as it says. Decided the low profile would be a better option if I had to remove the buckle anyway. Contacted them to ask about a refund to re-order the one I wanted and they just sent me a replacement with a package labled for the return of the other. Not many people would take care of their customers like this these days.

  27. James Rubow (verified owner)

    Outstanding belt and even greater customer service as I changed my order and they were very helpful

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