Hybrid EDC Belt

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The Hybrid EDC Belt features a unique Hybrid COBRA® Buckle with a smaller female buckle that fits through your belt loops!

Our EDC belts are made from two layers of high quality 1.5″ nylon webbing that are sewn together with matching color bonded nylon thread creating an extra strong and extra stiff belt that looks great. The sizing is specific to each pant size, yet allows for movement of your waistline or for the extra space you need for your IWB daily carry. For full Product details please scroll to the bottom of the page….

**EDC Belts Are Made To Order And Typically Ship in 2-5 Business Days**


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**EDC Belts Are Made To Order And Typically Ship in 2-5 Business Days**


The Hybrid EDC Belt features a unique Hybrid COBRA® Buckle with a smaller female buckle that fits through your belt loops!

Our EDC belts are made from two layers of high quality 1.5″ nylon webbing that are sewn together with matching color bonded nylon thread creating an extra strong and extra stiff belt that looks great. The sizing is specific to each pant size, yet allows for movement of your waistline or for the extra space you need for your IWB daily carry. We make each belt with pride in the USA and our EDC Belts carry a Lifetime no questions asked Warranty!

Sizing note: Order your belt based on the pants size you wear. Our belts are designed to work +1 and -1 size, for example a 34 belt will also fit 32 and 36. If you feel like you are in between two sizes or can’t decide which of two sizes to choose, we recommend the larger size. There is a Size Chart in the photos.

Sizes not listed: If you need a size smaller than 28″ or larger than 48″, select the option “Other Size Not Listed Below 28 or Above 48 (Add Size to Order Notes)” in the drop down menu. It is very helpful to us if you give us a measured size through your loops, and your pants size in the order notes. Please specify which number is which. *Please allow a couple extra days for custom sizes to ship*

COBRA is a registered US trademark of AUSTRIALPIN

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Black, Coyote Brown, OD Green, Wolf Gray

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28 (Pants Size), 30 (Pants Size), 32 (Pants Size), 34 (Pants Size), 36 (Pants Size), 38 (Pants Size), 40 (Pants Size), 42 (Pants Size), 44 (Pants Size), 46 (Pants Size), 48 (Pants Size), Other Size Not Listed (Add Size to Order Notes)

237 reviews for Hybrid EDC Belt

  1. Valued Customer

    I’ve had the hybrid belt for a few months now wear it every day work and play this belt is no joke use it at work holding up a tool pouch that is close to 5 pounds and the belt does not stretch or sag off my hip these guys did an awesome job making these belts but one you wont regret it they ship fast and if you order wrong size like me let them know and the correct one will be there fast with a prepaid return awesome company

  2. Valued Customer

    I have two edc hybrid belts and a regular cobra belt. They are great belts and wouldn’t trust any other belt to wear daily. Thanks for all you guys do and keep up the good work!

  3. Valued Customer

    Like many people who have reviewed this belt, I had no idea what I was missing. I’d been wearing a standard leather belt with my rig my entire life. I was carrying in the 3:00-4:00 position for comfort, and constantly using my gun and holster to pull up my pants. I ordered this thing and from the very first second I had it around my waist I knew my life had changed for the better. I was able to start carrying my Glock 23, Glock 19, and M&P 2.0 Compact all in the appendix position with ease. I’d never been able to carry AIWB comfortably before, and I’m a thin guy. The rigidity of this belt is virtually perfect. It’s plenty stiff enough to support your rig, but not uncomfortable in the slightest. In fact, I’d say this belt is every bit as comfortable as my worn leather belt. The buckle fits easily through all types of belt loops. As an added bonus, I’m married to a woman with a degree in fashion design who immediately approved of the look. I bought mine in gray, and she absolutely loves it. Lastly, it’s nice to be able to support American owned and operated companies who take pride in their work. You couldn’t ask for a nicer group of folks to do business with.

  4. Valued Customer

    This an awesome belt that fits through standard belt loops and holds my end tire edc belt with no issues.

  5. Valued Customer

    If you’re contemplating buying this belt, do yourself the huge favor and do it. You won’t regret it. The belt itself is just wide enough to fit well even in dress pants or slack with smaller loops, but holds up equally as well in jean or pants with wider belt loops. The belt is also pretty stiff, but it’s not overly thick. It’s exactly the combination and material you want when you carry a concealed firearm all day and want to do so comfortably. I carry a full size Glock 17 and a backup Glock 26 daily, and I’ve never had to worry about it bending or sagging from the weight of both pistols combined. The adjustable Velcro part works if you put on a little weight or lose a little, and the Velcro also gets rid of the annoying tails that can hang loose. The wolf grey color looks a little darker than the photos, and it looks wonderful in person. Knowing my belt was hand made in Atlanta Georgia, and that I’m supporting a local small business in the US made all the difference to me. I do wish they had a storefront where I could see the other gear they offer for sale, but I’m happy to order online. I look forward to buying at least 2-3 more to keep in the safe in case this one ever wears out. If you don’t know what to get your favorite gun guy for Christmas, or even someone who just wants a high quality belt, this would make an awesome gift. Thank you for making a high quality product at an affordable price point blue alpha gear. You have now have a customer for life.

  6. Valued Customer

    Perfect belt that will last a lifetime. I’m recommending all my friends and family get one and I suggest you do too. Excellent service on top of that great product.

  7. Valued Customer

    Just received my EDC Hybrid Cobra belt and I’m extremely happy with it. Very strong, high quality piece of art. Very comfortable to wear by itself or when carrying concealed. I love that it fits through any and all different pants belt loops. I plan on getting another belt from this company. Great product, great price and free shipping. Can’t beat it!!!

  8. Valued Customer

    I ordered this belt Saturday evening late. It was on my door Tuesday and Monday was a holiday, Labor Day. Really impressed, haven’t used the belt yet, but it definitely feels like a quality product, no surprise. Thanks Blue Alpha

  9. Valued Customer

    I have a metal allergy and can’t wear most belts. This one I got on Kickstarter when I was hunting for a practical nickel free belt. It did that and more. As a photography enthusiast I got a camera clip to latch my heavy camera on my belt. On any other belt the weight would have caused permanent damage. On this one, it’s just another day at the office for it. Truly my everyday belt.

  10. Valued Customer

    This is my next purchase!! Tried my buddy’s Blue Alpha Gear Belt, it totally changed my carry experience, and everything about it screams quality… If you have doubts,check out the videos on YouTube.

  11. Valued Customer

    I received my belt on 8/13/18 and immediately put my IWB holster with my Glock 43 on, the belt felt very comfortable and I love the Wolf Gray color. From watching YT reviews the buckle looked very small in person. I compared my belt to my Wilderness Operators belt and there is no comprarison. Quality is 3x better and its easy on /off to insert in any direction through the belt loops. I now use this for duty use and training. I don’t know why I waited so long.

  12. Valued Customer

    Aweosme belt. I’ve had it a little over a year now and it’s still my favorite EDC belt. Fits thru the belt loops just fine. I wear it everyday with an AIWB carry and it supports the holster/pistol perfectly. The only thing is after time it does start to loose its stiffness but it’s still supports my edc just fine. If you’re looking for an ETC belt get this one!

  13. Valued Customer

    I have had the wolf gray hybrid belt now for several months and I am still just as excited about it as when I received it. When I was about to order one, the size thing was confusing to me. So I contacted them and they explained it to me and said they would exchange it with no problem if it didn’t fit. So I ordered it. I was wondering when I was going to get a confirmation on my order, so I contacted them again. The guy I chatted with on-line told me he was hoping to get it in the mail that afternoon. He literally just made it that day and was going to ship it. How cool is that. I am excited to have such an amazing product with the service behind it that I tell everyone that is thinking about getting a good belt. I love not having the extra tail to tuck in or having to punch new holes in an old leather belt or changing holes because one is worn out. I just click and go. I can’t say enough about this belt. I was hoping to get some swag soon. I have a hat that I want to put a patch on. Get this belt you won’t regret it. I Promise! Oh I wear it every day with my multi-tool on my hip.

  14. Valued Customer

    This is a great belt. Not just for EDC, but when I’m not carrying also. I wear it to work, with shorts, jeans, with everything. This is my new everyday belt. I’m super impressed with the quality and customer service. Top Notch. Will definitely buy another soon.

  15. Valued Customer

    I just received my belt yesterday and WOW!!!! Really well made and made such a huge difference. I am 100% satisfied. Great product, fast shipping, and these guys rock!!!!

  16. Valued Customer

    I HAVE 2 NOW
    I bought my first EDC Hybrid on Amazon. I mistakingly ordered the black belt when in fact I wanted the Wolf Grey, this isn’t a problem with a company like Blue Alpha Gear, they just send you the one you wanted with a self addressed postage paid package. By the time my wolf grey belt arrived, I was so impressed with the belt and the customer service I was receiving that I decided to go ahead and buy both of them. Folks, you can’t go wrong with these belts, even if you could, Tara and Blue Alpha would make it right. Buy with confidence. These belts have a lifetime no questions asked warranty.

  17. Valued Customer

    I’ve got two of them now. So nice to have the infinite adjustment range and the click-buckle. The buckle is a beautiful little machine, BTW. Webbing is tough, it looks great, and carries a full size pistol with ease. This gets my coveted +P+ rating, buy with confidence. No longer use my Wilderness Tactical and 5.11 bets, BTW.

  18. Valued Customer

    I ordered the hybrid Cobra belt off of Amazon. When I received it, I realized that I had mistakingly ordered the black belt instead of Wolf Grey. I emailed Blue Alpha and told them of my mistake. Less than 12 hours later, that next morning, I had an email from Tara telling me how to get the grey belt sent to me. They stand behind their product, that’s what I look for. 5 Stars Blue Alpha!

  19. Valued Customer

    Just received this belt, in the mail, very fast shipping by the way. Put it on made small adjustment and WOW very impressive, if you need a new belt , this is it period, I’ve worn alot of different brands, this beats them all hands down, great job from folks at Blue Alpha, I’ll be ordering the other colors.

  20. Valued Customer

    Loving my made in USA Hybrid EDC belt! High quality product, holds tight & no flex. I was missing a few items in my order when I received it. Called their number & they were on vacation…They answered the phone, on vacation!! They dealt with my situation as well as they could have. Customer service is top notch! I had a new tracking number for the missing items the very next morning! I will definitely be making more purchases. Support small businesses!!

  21. Valued Customer

    I ordered the cobra 1.5 on Amazon by accident and emailed customer service and within 10 min had a response and a great deal to get the hybrid to replace this one. These beat the 5.11 belt I was using. The cobra buckle is fantastic under a duty belt and I can’t wait to get my new belt to fit easier through jeans. Definitely will be buying more from this company.

  22. Valued Customer

    Hands down the best shooting belt I’ve ever owned. This is said having used several 5.11 belts. Pissed because mine was stolen at the last range trip. Better believe I’ll be buying another one

  23. Valued Customer

    Been wearing this belt for about 6 months. Still holding up great! Holds my full size sig all day with no problems. I usually wear hard on my belts and this has no show of wear on it. Still holds and feels like new out of box. I would highly reccomend this to everyone who wants a high quality edc belt.

  24. Valued Customer

    Looked a quite a few edc belts. The hybrid caught my attention. Plus relatively local (neighboring states) is always a plus. This belt is awesome. Thanks for a great product.

  25. Valued Customer

    I’ve been carrying for a few years and have had some belts to say the least. This will be the last one I’ll need. Amazing handmade quality. I got a little too big on the size but called the company and received great customer service. Mailing me a new one next day, WITH a return label. That’s how a company should be ran. Recommend 110%.

  26. Valued Customer

    Love the belt. I wear a 42 – 44 depending on the brand/type of pants. I ordered the 42 thinking it would fit perfect with the adjustment but it was too big. I only had about a half inch of velcro holding. The process for swapping it out for the next size down (40) was insanely easy and shipping was extremely fast. Blue Alpha Gear customer service is top notch and them being a U.S. company and the belt being made in the U.S. is just icing on the cake.

  27. Valued Customer

    The one inch buckle intrigued me, being a Ga company made my decision easy. The hybrid EDC belt feels amazing. It’s the right amount of flexible, comfortable and affordable. It feels great with a holster. I picked up the tan model at Atlanta range and ordinance a few days ago and it has made my life so much easier. Do not hesitate to buy this belt.

  28. Valued Customer

    Hey guys I bought 2 edc belts. I love cobra belts! Their s only a couple of shorts I have my wife helps me with. 99% I buckle by myself. Love blue alpha gear

  29. Valued Customer

    New into carrying and could not believe the difference this belt made in draw speed. Materials are all top notch. I did have to get a size smaller but that was not problem. They sent the replacement belt out before I returned the original.

  30. Valued Customer

    Recently bought the hybrid belt and i mistakenly bought the wrong size. Once i got the belt i right away sent a request for the correct size and in 5 days i got my new belt! Fits great! Fantastic fast responsive customer service! Thanks!

  31. Valued Customer

    I recently ordered the new Hybrid EDC Belt and i absolutely love it! Quality is top notch and fit is perfect. I had a buddy of mine recommend Blue Alpha Gear and they certainly didn’t disappoint. I would recommend their gear to any and everybody.

  32. Valued Customer

    I recently received my Hybrid EDC Belt. Love it. Works great for my USPSA matches. Fits easily through the belt loops for me. Easily adjusts larger or smaller. I wear a size 34 and that’s the size belt I ordered. Also would like to say customer service is great. I accidentally ordered the 36 by mistake and they were able to fix my order before it shipped.

  33. Valued Customer

    I’ve had this belt for some time now. I am very happy with it. Phenomenal craftsmanship and the customer service is second to none. Been my go-to since I bought it. Look forward to ordering more! Great product from a small American company! Keep up the great work!

  34. Valued Customer

    I have had this belt for about a year now and I couldn’t be happier with is product. Sturdy enough to hold everything in place when running a full iwb ccw set. Comfortable and easy to loop through and adjust. One of the best options available for an edc belt in my opinion.

  35. Valued Customer

    I received this belt as a Christmas gift. I will not wear another one. I’m super tough on my belts due to ccw everyday and using tool pouches for work. Still looks and feels like the first day I got it.

  36. Valued Customer

    I ordered this belt about half a year, or a little longer ago and have ran it every day since. I love this belt and it holds up strong. I have no problem with the belt bending or sagging when carrying full size guns. I use it at the range and it holds up great running and gunning as well. Next purchase will be the molle double belt for duty use. Cant wait!

  37. Valued Customer

    Having an awesome belt for carry makes ALL the difference. Perfect rigidity for every day carry and super easy on and off with the smaller female buckle. Keep up the good work Blue Alpha Gear!

  38. Valued Customer

    I love this belt it’s Sturdy AF! Every time I slide it thru the loops in my pants a Bald Eagle gets it’s Wings. It’s well made and well worth the price! This thing is a Must have if you want to carry open or concealed…Get It Now!!

  39. Valued Customer

    I originally was attracted to this belt because of the price compared to other competitors. After using it for about a year now, the quality is still amazing and I will continue to buy from Blue Aplha Gear! The Hybrid Cobra is great for fitting through all pants!

  40. Valued Customer

    I used to go through leather belts like crazy, they would wear out fast, rip or flake over time. I was replacing belts almost every 6 months. When I started to CC I knew I needed something stronger that would last me more than 6 months. It’s been almost a year now since I bought my Blue Alpha belt and it still looks brand new, no sign of wear at all! I’ll be getting another soon just so I can rotate colors but this will be the only belt I buy from now on. Love it!!!

  41. Valued Customer

    I have struggled looking for a belt that will hold my glock 30 and keep my pants up until now. Bluealphagear is the best EDC belt out in the market today. This belt is great for EDC or to just put on with a pair of Jean’s. This belt is affordable and tough as nails. I love the fact that they enginered a smaller end on the cobra belt that makes it easier to put through your Jean loops. I have purchased two belts so far and I’m going to buy another one. To all you gun lovers Bluealphagear is a must!!!

  42. Valued Customer

    I bought one of these about 6 months ago. I love it. Very well made and made in America! It is holding up very well,I wear it every day. I have to replace my firearm with a tape measure while at work,and that was a problem with other belts,big sagu in that part of belt. Not with this one!

  43. Valued Customer

    I’ve had this belt for about three weeks now and I love it. When I started carrying I thought I’d be fine with just a regular belt but after purchasing this edc belt I’m glad I changed my mind. Great quality! I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

  44. Valued Customer

    Had my belt for about 3 months now and no regrets. I shopped around for other belts similar to this one but cost about 20 bucks more. Great deal and holds up extremely well. I wear it almost every day for edc and I don’t go to the range without it. If you have a problem with your ccw sagging low or adjusting way too much, look no further. I cannot praise this belt enough. I’ve seen and held other belts and they just don’t compare. The low profile buckle helps a lot to easily put on and take off belt. Spend the extra $10. Thanks Blue Alpha Gear!

  45. Valued Customer

    Just received mine two weeks ago! Awesome belt.

  46. Valued Customer

    It took me a minute to get used to the cobra buckle since I’ve only ever used traditional belt buckles but once you get the hang of it you’ll love it. It has a slim profile which is great for CCW. The cobra buckle doesn’t bulge out when you have your firearm on you and the belt holds up perfectly. It doesn’t twisting or sag down because the quality is top notch. I strongly suggest you buy this belt you’ll definitely be happy with it

  47. Valued Customer

    I’ve had a cobra buckle belt from another company for several years. Always such a PITA to take the belt off because the buckle wouldn’t fit through the loops. Then I got the Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid EDC belt and PROBLEM SOLVED! The female buckle fits through any regular ol’ belt loops. Not just that tacticool giant ones. It’s a very rigid belt and supports both IWB and OWB carry perfectly. Don’t over think the sizing. Just order your pant size and there will be plenty of slack (in and out) to accommodate your gun/holster and any layers or lack thereof you may have. Lastly, Blue Alpha Gear supports the LEO community which is fantastic. Much appreciated for a quality product from a quality company!

  48. Valued Customer

    I bought this belt to use while homstering a firearm. It does that fantastically. No sag or bending. While my primary purpose was to use this just when I holster I found myself using this belt everyday all day. I use it in my work pants, hunting, pants and my around town pants basically if I’m wearing something with belt loops the hybrid is going through them. I have never had a more comfortable sturdy belt.

  49. Valued Customer

    I have loved my hybrid belt since the day I bought it. Nice and stiff with an amazing Cobra buckle. I recently dropped a few pounds and had to send both my hybrid EDC belts back to be resized. Now I am hating life, I am using a normal belt until I get them back. I can truly say normal belts suck. I didn’t realize how big of a difference a good stiff belt made. I will never buy a different belt ever again! Blue Alpha Gear for life.

  50. Valued Customer

    Great quality! Holds my VP40tactical every day. only

  51. Valued Customer

    Plain and simple… this belt! It’s tough and fits all styles of belt loops.

  52. Valued Customer

    Never buying a leather belt again only thing I regret is not getting one sooner.

  53. Valued Customer

    The hybrid aspect is what sold me. Love that it just slips through my jeans and even regular shorts from j.cew. Great quality, durable. Have worn it every day for about 8 months and it still looks brand new. Haven’t had to re-adjust the size at all either. I will be purchasing the grey belt as well in the future. Proud to support fellow Georgians. Keep up the great work!

  54. Valued Customer

    I bought this belt on a last minute purchase. I can honestly say that I have never second guessed my purchase. This by far is the best EDC belt that I have ever used. I will be buying a couple other belts for different purchases (war belt, competition belt, range holster belt). I can say without a doubt that I have suggested this belt the most to my friends. I know several have also purchased after hearing how much I ranted about it. Thanks guys for an extremely quality and budget friendly product. Can’t wait to get some more and see what I can do with them.

  55. Valued Customer

    5 STARS
    Excellent quality. I have purchased competitors’ concealed carry belts before and nothing is as durable as this belt. The buckle goes together like a hot knife cutting through butter. I have yet to find a pair of pants that my hybrid doesn’t look good with. Don’t leave this page without getting yours. These folks are professional and take your time into consideration with quick delivery. Thank you, Blue Alpha.

  56. Valued Customer

    Just got my hybrid edc belt today and it seems to be very good quality. I’m really impressed with it so far and it is very convenient to take on and off. Highly recommend getting one of these

  57. Valued Customer

    this is a really great belt. its nice and rigid and holds everything in place well. the buckle is great and fits through all my various belt loops. second most important after holding everything in place is, as a bigger guy, the buckle doesn’t dig into anything and is very comfortable to wear all day. I get really picky about how belts and buckles and I really like this one. absolutely recommend.

  58. Valued Customer

    I just got mine today and right after I opened the package I knew it was going to be a keeper. Before buying, I was looking at the photos & videos thinking “there’s no way a simple nylon belt can be stiff like that”. Boy was I wrong. I began squeezing my belt along the width, trying to get it to fold and it wouldn’t do it. I could probably stand on the edge of this belt and it wouldn’t fold. Adjusting it is really easy. The buckle is secure and best off all, it fits through the loops of my regular jeans unlike other standard size cobra belts. Blue Alpha Gear has a real winner here. Shipping was also very fast (and free!): ordered 02/22, got it 02/27. Thanks for making a great product!

  59. Valued Customer

    This is the first time I have wore a belt made for carry I’ve had it two days now and can tell a huge difference this is a very well made belt made in the USA by the way well worth the money you pay for it. It took 3 days for them to ship but I sent them a email check on the status and they answered back in a few minutes and have kept me updated throughout the whole process wouldn’t hesitate to do business with them again in fact I will be ordering a black and grey next thanks blue alpha for being great and not outsourcing product

  60. Valued Customer

    First off, ordered this belt 01/26/18, shipped 01/31/18 and just received it in the mail today 02/06/18 would’ve been yesterday but the post office screwed up, so all in all pretty good turn around time to make ship and deliver my belt. As soon as I got it out the mail I could feel the quality of the belt through the packaging. Threw it on as soon as I got in the house with pistol and holster and have been wearing it ever since to see how it functions. Truly pleased with what I bought. Very rigid and extremely comfortable. You will definitely be able to tell the difference between a dedicated EDC pistol belt and a regular belt. Now I need the black and gray as well. Great American company and great customer service. Rooting for your continued success Blue Alpha.

  61. Valued Customer

    Quality belt all the way around. Carrying a cz p09 aiwb and an extra mag owb. I’ve had other belts before that didn’t feel this good with my set up. No sagging, over tightening or hiking my pants up every so often. I don’t even feel my setup for 10 hours of the day. I did order a size bigger and needed a smaller size and they exchanged the belt so quick, it was painless and effortless. They have my business for life, If you want quality craftsmanship, this is it.

  62. Valued Customer

    Awesome belt. Outstanding quality. Highly recommended you get yourself one! Thank you BAG for a damn good belt

  63. Valued Customer

    I ordered my Hybrid EDC Belt back in September 2017 and I will never have to look at a belt for casual or conceal carry wear ever again. The belt’s design is strict and it’s durability proves it’s efficiency as an EDC belt. I carry a Glock 19 with an extra magazine and at no point in time did I feel the weight of the carry dragging down my pants nor pulling up while on the draw during training.

  64. Valued Customer

    Received my hybrid belt 7 days ago and have only taken it off to sleep. Most functional, well built, and best looking belt anywhere on the market. Buy this belt immediately…in all colors. Advice: Make it in every color webbing you can find. Thanks.

  65. Valued Customer

    Great belt, I love it. It keeps my pistol in place with it being so rigid and strong. Last belt I will ever buy. Thanks

  66. Valued Customer

    I’ve had the Hybrid EDC Belt in grey and coyote for a little over a week now, and must say that these are without a doubt one of the best belts I’ve ever owned. Now when am I going to be able to get an OD green or camo version?

  67. Valued Customer

    I recently purchased this Hybrid Cobra belt in coyote brown for my EDC kit. The belt is rigid enough to carry my off duty weapon yet comfortable. I carry a compact Sig P320 and the belt securely keeps the gun in place. The belt is thin which I really like over a thick leather belt. Construction and materials are excellent. The buckle clips securely and smoothly. I like this belt so much I purchased a second one in black for my duty rig under belt.

  68. Valued Customer

    I love it. Its stiff and gets the job done. Perfect as an everyday belt. Stiff enough to hold gear. Easy to put on as the cobra slips through most belt loops. Excellent quality. Plus great customer service!!

  69. Valued Customer

    AWESOME BELT!!!!!!
    I got this belt for christmas and I must say I am very pleased. Great quality belt, and for the price you can’t beat it. Keeps everything secure and your pants in place. I will definitely be ordering the edc hybrid belt in every color. Awesome belt!!!!

  70. Valued Customer

    This is an awesome EDC belt. The hybrid buckle design allows me to wear it with all of my jeans and shorts – something I could not do with other belts as everyday clothes do not have the larger belt loops found on tactical pants and BDU’s. I carry appendix IWB with a claw on the holster; this belt provides plenty of strength to make the claw work very effectively. Additionally, there is no sag to the belt. I would buy it again in a second, though I don’t think I’ll ever need to as it is built to last.

  71. Valued Customer

    I bought this belt to try something new after only ever owning leather belts, I now wear this belt every day without question. This is an awesome product and hope to buy the other colours in the future.

  72. Valued Customer

    Fast shipping. Best belt I have ever owned with great quality very sturdy and the size is on point. Can I say I love it? YES.

  73. Valued Customer

    Gave it three stars instead of 5 because the actual height of the female end is more like 1 3/4 inches when you include the tangs. Belt will not work with a holster with kydex belt loops that are 1.5 inches.

  74. Valued Customer

    This belt looks and works great. It is the most comfortable belt I wear. Easy on and off with the hybrid buckle. I’d recommend it to all who conceal carry!

  75. Valued Customer

    Just to confirm ‘This will not go out of fashion men!’ Built to last, no matter the reason worn ! Quickest in & out, stiff as a male bull, carry whatever YOU WANT ! It wont come undone until You want it too ! Also will drag a man away from the waist ! Got It ? Get It !

  76. Valued Customer

    i just got my hybrid belt today and my first impression of it is WOW. im a heavy guy and normally belts are a pain in the butt, the buckles normally rub and pinch. this belt is very rigid hold my walther right next to my hip (i open carry a full size walther 9mm) with no belt sag or twist. just wearing this belt is a joy with how comfortable it is i can honestly say if you are on the fence about this belt jump off and get it. thank you again Blue Alpha for making such a comfortable belt for a heavy guy, you have a customer for life now.

  77. Valued Customer

    I love the Hybrid EDC. Its well built, stiff, and the buckle passes through belt loops without having to be removed. However what would make this better if the loop portion of the Velcro was extended about 2″.

  78. Valued Customer

    Bought mine in June after doing a 15 day FX. Was looking for an a quick and easy field belt that i could use for EDC. This fit my bill. I like the smaller buckle design, I dont subscribe to flashing the kit I wear everyday. Only critique is that the sizing was a bit off for me. I went off the sizing chart and when i got the belt I felt i could have gone a size down from what is recommended. It fits good but i have belt material than i would care for. Still a great purpose built belt and the price point is on point. Most companies are so proud of their gear that the prices are over the top. Not these guys. Definitely considering getting another one for an upcoming deployment and recommending it to my section. Thanks Blue Alpha!

  79. Valued Customer

    I ordered this Belt on Oct 17th in the early hrs before they opened. My order was confirmed mid-afternoon on the 17th and was shipped out my way on the 18th. All available competitors had lead times in the ballpark of 2-12 weeks. The craftsmanship on this belt is top notch, and so far have had zero issues nor do I expect any. Sizing was dead on and with their plus or minus 1 size you can’t go wrong. I’m sure someone will screw it up lol but really sizing is identical to your pant size gents. I was turned onto Blue Alpha Gear by a fellow Infantry Marine. To say the least we wish we carried Blue Alpha Gear on our last deployment. This is the type of Gear you can truly beat the shit out of and know in a pinch it’ll save your life. This belt goes great with casual attire truly making it an EDC belt but with functionality and strength, you would expect. The new hybrid design cobra buckle is outstanding. No more fidgeting between the male/female part of the Cobra buckle. The old days of having to undo the male end of the buckle from the belt itself then clipping into the female portion just to be able to put the belt on are over. This style cobra buckle really makes this belt stand out from the rest. Now rapid deployment or extraction of the belt is extremely simple. The least amount of complex motor skills needed during a stressful situation the better. Keep up the great work Blue Alpha Gear, look forward to buying more products in the future. J USMC

  80. Valued Customer

    I almost never write a review. And, this is not a review. Instead it’s a copy/paste of the email I sent to Blue Alpha Gear: To all at Blue Alpha Gear: I’m an avionics quality control professional, I’m hard to satisfy, even harder to please and I’m rarely delighted. I’ve been wearing my new Blue Alpha belt for two weeks. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m absolutely delighted with my belt; how refreshing to write this to you! If my assessment remains the same in three months, I will deem your product “Perfect”; I’m optimistic 🙂 Thank you for honoring U.S. military with a discounted price. More importantly…thank you for producing an exemplary product. Companies like Blue Alpha Gear can MAGA! I hope you share this with all at Blue Alpha Gear. God bless you and yours. Timothy Kantak USAF Veteran

  81. Valued Customer

    Seems like a very nice belt, but it will not fit any of my favorite holsters!

  82. Valued Customer

    First impressions out of the box Above and beyond my expectations… Ordered 9/19 after hrs., received 9/27 – A+ The inline sizing chart – A+ The quality of the workmanship and stitching – A+ The overall stiffness – A+ As a everyday usage built – A+ As a set-up for a battle built rig – I don’t see problems… My only problem so far is that I’m going have to get more of them…if that’s even a problem? maybe just for my checkbook…:-) Can’t wait to start using it…….. great, job Ed Koonce Everett, WA.

  83. Valued Customer

    Ordered my belt on 9/13, shipped on 9/14 and received it today, 9/18. Just as described-perfect fit, and plenty stiff to handle my G30 or G21 with extra mags without sagging. Very comfortable and looks great with any pants I wear. Great company to do business with.

  84. Valued Customer

    The service is incredible. My first belt came in less than a week, and was too big. It took about 5 seconds to fill out the exchange form and I had a new one in about 3 days, they include a prepaid package for you to return the first one. Could not be easier. Belt is solid, typical stiffness for an edc concealment belt. The one issue I have is the buckle. It does fit through any normal belt loops, but it often takes a fair bit of wiggling and jiggling to get it to open. That said it doesn’t appear to be at any risk for coming open accidentally. All in all I would recommend it, and a HUGE commendation to their customer service.

  85. Valued Customer

    I’ve owned numerous edc belts. Some with cobra buckles and some without. This is by far the best I’ve owned yet. The 1 inch female buckle slid through my belt loops with ease. I also love not having to adjust the size when I put in my aiwb holster. I also appreciate the speed with which I received my belt considering it was made to order. Thank you for developing this product.

  86. Valued Customer

    I am very happy with my Hybrid EDC Belt purchase. It looks Great! It fits Great! It feels Great! The quality is Top-Notch! The best part is the 1″ female cobra buckle. It fits through my belt loops perfectly. Thank you for a Great product!

  87. Valued Customer

    Build quality and material quality is what I look for in any purchase I make. Customer service at BLUE ALPHA is beyond compare. Not only did I buy their hybrid belt, but I purchased two of their awsome t-shirts. Best wishes to BLUE ALPHA!

  88. Valued Customer

    Followed sizing instructions and it fit right out of the box. Very rigid belt but not too much. Very comfortable. Deffinatly gained a lifetime supporter here

  89. Valued Customer

    I have 2 Blue Alpha belts now and see more in my future. I’m a very active dude and carry IWB appendix or OWB most days, depending on the situation. This belt practically disappears after you put it on. Whether I’ve got holsters or gear strapped to it or am pouring sweat out on the property, it never loosens or slips down. Couldn’t ask for a better setup. Looking forward to the future of this company and its other potential offerings later.

  90. Valued Customer

    Received the Hybrid EDC in Wolf Grey size 32 about 2.5 weeks ago. Been using it daily. I actually really like this coming from the Alien Gear belt. If you’re deciding between Alien Gear and Hybrid EDC, go with the Hybrid unless you need a more dressed up look.

  91. Valued Customer

    Use as you wish, edit at will I received my Blue Alpha hybrid belt this week and can already say it is my go to leisure and casual belt! Absolutely awesome fit (just follow their advice on sizing) and, unlike other Cobra buckled belts the hybrid slips thru loops easily. Since I carry IWB the sizing is perfect. If I want to snug up or carry OWB the adjustment is super simple. This is my favorite belt purchase for as long as I remember, and I buy belts like my wife buys shoes. Highly recommended!! BTW the ad shows some guys wearing the belt with a suit. Personally I couldn’t see myself doing that. But as a statement of versatility and great design of this belt, I am sure some of you guys could pull this off.

  92. Valued Customer

    Just finished a full review of this belt. Lot of EDC wear, range wear, CCW, and as part of a war belt combo. LOVE THIS BELT. The 1″ female end goes in most belt loops. Nice to not have to remove. The belt is rigid enough for firearm carry, but not ridiculously stiff like a full duty belt. I think Blue Alpha calling this an “EDC” belt is perfect…cause that is what it is. Sizing was perfect. That Cobra buckle…what’s not to love? I am all in with this belt. Johnny B YouTube personality and gear reviewer with 180 Second Ideas.

  93. Valued Customer

    Awesome belt! I’d recommend this to anyone! I was replacing thick leather belts about 2-4 times a year since I carry everyday and they would wear out quickly. Super stiff and super comfy. I went with the hybrid in case the standard Cobra buckle didn’t fit my belt loops. Glad I did cause the smaller hybrid clears through all my loops. I don’t have as much pant sagging and it holds my owb and iwb holster really well. Not as crazy stiff as some comp belts I’ve worn but it’s comfy to wear all day everyday and that’s more important to me.

  94. Valued Customer

    These belts are hands down the BEST belt I have ever owned. Prior to this belt I wore a Blackhawk rigger belt on my off days and a 5.11 belt for work. This is my new work belt and it really keeps my pants up with weight in the pockets. The flimsy 5.11 belt was a nightmare always letting my pants fall down. I was consistently needing to tuck my shirt back into my pants. Now with this belt all I need to do is tuck my shirt in while getting dressed and then maybe one additional tuck during the day. This belt is a game changer. I just wish they came in OD green for my days off work. I would also like to see some rigger belts for sale soon.

  95. Valued Customer

    The belt arrived quicker than expected. Received the belt yesterday, I put it on and wore it for the day. It was so convenient, comfortableand well made I ordered myself another belt. My wife even had me order her one to go with my second belt. I would highly recommend this belt to anyone looking for a good edc belt and for those who think they already have the perfect edc belt they should definitely give this one a shot.

  96. Valued Customer

    First thing I noticed was the quality of construction and materials. Fits true to size. Has enough adjustment to accommodate a holster. Love how the hybrid buckle fits through the belt loops on shorts or pants without taking the buckle off. Comfortable to wear. Doesn’t rub on stomach like some buckles do.

  97. Valued Customer

    I ordered a size too big and they sent me a new size with a return label . Amazing company , amazing belt and amazing customer service

  98. Valued Customer

    Received my EDC Cobra belt today and I’m loving it! Awesome belt BA! Two thumbs up! I should’ve purchased one from you guys months ago. Now I have to figure out what to do with the one I currently have. Craigslist, here it comes! -OB

  99. Valued Customer

    The belt was a little too big on me so they sent me the next size down, with a prepaid shipping lable so I didnt have to pay shipping to return the first belt. Great quality product, with great costumer service. 5 stars!

  100. Valued Customer

    Blue Alpha knocked it out of the park with this belt. I had a “gun” belt I was using before and its a night and day difference from that one to this. Highly highly suggest getting this belt, you won’t be disappointed.

  101. Valued Customer

    This is my first foray into the world of EDC Belts. After doing quite a bit of research I decided on the Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid Belt. And I can say the I’m very satisfied with my choice. This is a top quality belt made with top quality materials and stitching. The Cobra Belt is an awesome piece of gear because of its simplistic, safe nature. The Belt is not too stiff on the waist, but enough to hold up a holster. In addition to the belt, the company and customer service is top notch. The website says 4 weeks and I received mine here in Texas in 17 days. This is a high quality piece of gear that would serve anyone from the range to Wal-Mart. I highly recommend this belt.

  102. Valued Customer

    1.75 IN.?
    Any thoughts of making a 1.75 inch belt?

  103. Valued Customer

    This Hybrid belt is so freakin perfect. I am going to set all of my EDC belts on fire this afternoon for I need them no longer… Thanks guys- seriously.

  104. Valued Customer

    Just got my belt in, I ordered when I got the preorder email. It fit through the loops of my pants just fine, I had to work each loop slightly just because of the belt width. I wore it through an entire work night and haven’t even noticed it was there. It’s comfortable and and firm as it needs to be. I measured through the belt loops of my pants and ordered based on that measurement, the belt fits perfect with plenty of room to let out when carrying or to tighten a bit when needed. Thanks Blue Alpha Gear for a great product, I’ll definitely be back for another color!

  105. Valued Customer

    I kicked this off as a backer on Kickstarter after hearing about it on we like shooting, its a great belt and recommend it to everyone. Great job guys!

  106. Valued Customer

    Received my belt early through on Kickstarter, and Blue Alpha Gear has delivered on all fronts. The belt fits great and is much lighter and lower profile than my previous EDC belt. The Cobra buckle makes everyday tasks so much easier. I bought a belt that matches my pant size and was glad to see there was several inches of adjustment available. I’d put a Hybrid EDC Belt on all my pants, but I realized it’s a belt, and I can just move it to another pair.

  107. Valued Customer

    I was one of the Kickstarter Backers that went all in and bought the three belt kit, with the swag pack. The belts came in and I got excited, I then was a little disappointed because I had to send them back due to the sizing that I ordered being off. I apparently over estimated the size that I required for my belts. The exchange was quick and painless, used the online form and had the replacements and return label a week later. I wear the belts almost everyday. I am not able to wear the black one at work, as I had hoped because it will not get tight enough to fit under my duty belt correctly, my own issue, which is due to my sizing and how tight I wear my under belt with the duty gear. The long and short is that I would suggest these belts to anyone that is looking for an easy to wear tactical belt that will work in almost any situation. I have not tried them with my suits yet…yet. Thanks again Blue Alpha Gear, I hope to see and use future products. P.S. Please email me would like to talk on a sales note. Thanks.

  108. Valued Customer

    I love how easy it goes on and off,the comfort and how lite it is compared to my old edc belt.

  109. Valued Customer

    I was one of the many Kickstarter backers. Anyone that has backed something on Kickstarter knows the process, communication and ship dates can be a dumpster fire. On all three of these points Blue Alfa killed it. Communication was outstanding throughout the process and they shipped on time which is unheard of for a Kickstarter. Now to the belts themselves. This is a no nonsense EDC belt that you will actually use. Because of the smaller female end you can put this belt on with any pants and not have to mess with taking off the buckle after you have it fitting perfect.The belt has a good stiffness to it – not too much but still holds its shape. The fitting is generous and has a lot of adjustment both ways if you gain or lose weight. It is an excellent belt for everyday wear with an IWB holster and at the same time blends nicely with whatever you are wearing. The belt can be tactical but can also look like a normal belt because they didnt have to play games getting the buckle smaller so you can get it on and off. Finally after all these years someone gets it right and hits it out of the park. As you can tell I am thrilled.

  110. Valued Customer

    I was a Kickstarter backer of this product, and I could not be happier with this belt! Very high quality, comfortable, and sturdy belt. The slimmer design allows for wearing the belt without taking an end off and it is still a solid clasp. The shirt is comfortable too. Also, great customer service from Blue Alpha. I initially ordered a belt that was too small, but the replacement was very fast. I am impressed with the customer service from this team.

  111. Valued Customer

    Was very skeptical at first but when it arrived I was shocked how amazing it is. It has helped carry even more concealed. Very comfortable and sturdy. I’m going to replace my other belts with this one and gonna order a brown one. It’s the last everyday belt you will need.

  112. Valued Customer

    I kicked this off as a backer on Kickstarter after hearing about it on we like shooting, its a great belt and recommend it to everyone. Great job guys!

  113. Valued Customer

    Very well made, intelligent design. Love the fact it can be threaded through belt loops without disassembling. Great product, thanks!

  114. Valued Customer

    I bought my kit through the Kickstarter campaign. Any questions I asked Blue Alpha were promptly and politely answered. When the products arrived I was more to than satisfied! I LOVE this belt! I only wear my new Blue Alpha EDC belt now. Also, I have a new favorite T-shirt! The shirt is incredibly comfortable. Thank you guys so much!

  115. Valued Customer

    Love this belt. It was more than worth the wait. I’ve used leather belts for work, CCW and everyday dress, all my life (45 + years). I’ll never go back. These belts are of excellent craftsmanship. I really can’t see any reason why these belts will ever wear out. Leather belts sag over time (Like other things that age). It won’t happen with these belts. I have the original and now the Hybrid. Perfect for Concealed Carry IWB or OWB. Plus the fact that they are made in the USA is a bonus. No Chinese crap. Looking forward to more products from Blue Alfa Gear.

  116. Valued Customer

    I did a kick-start pre-order and waited for production. Glad I did. A great belt arrived as promised. The nylon is stiff and supports a pistol nicely. I have several pistol belts and this is the best. I did have to do a size exchange as i found the belt a little large but the company does this at their expense with an easy procedure. Get your today.

  117. Valued Customer

    This is a sturdy, well crafted and no-nonsense belt. I don’t need it for tools, etc. but it works great on a pair of jeans, chinos etc. for casual or dress wear. It’s just that good. The design and build is superb – not recommended for people who like to throw away worn out belts or who enjoy being embarrassed when their pants size changes. This is a product that will give you years of use and the adjustable feature ensures you will be prepared to adapt to life’s changes when it hits you in the gut. Great product guys, I am happy I found your Kickstarter campaign. You did good and I’m proud to be a customer!

  118. Valued Customer

    I saw this belt on the kickstart website, Would a simple answer to the problem of sturdy belts not fitting your belt loop. Either belts were too thick or buckles wouldn’t fit. The rigger type belt was just not going to cut it for every day wear. Just got the belts….looks like I found what I was looking for; plenty of adjustment so I can carry my ccw IWB or if needed OWB. Belt is well made and buckles are sturdy. I’m so glad I jumped in on the initial order. I showed it to a few of my co workers and they are getting ready to place orders. Thanks for a great product

  119. Valued Customer

    I have ran a 5.11 belt for about 4 years without incident. After seeing the option of the smaller cobra buckle it totally made sense. No more threading the buckle off and on between pants, and no more unnecessary additional loop for your EDC rig. This buckle is top quality with a very positive click and retention. The belt material itself is more rigid yet slimmer than any other I have seen or used. The buckle lays very flat and is super low profile. At a price less than my last belt this was a huge upgrade for me. The sizing was spot on too. I wear a 32 waist and the size 32 belt leaves enough room for me to adjust for layering up or the lightest warm weather setting. I was definitely impressed by this belt and have zero regrets spending my money with this company. They got it right here and nailed it the first time. Buy with confidence. I would 100% reccomend this to anyone and already have.

  120. Valued Customer

    First and foremost. Thank you guys for keeping us updated throughout the kickstarter and through the buckle delay. Second, these hybrid belts exceeded my expectations in design, color and most of all, cool factor and functionality. I should have gotten all three colors at the time. Will definitely get more belts in the near future as gifts and personal use. Thanks again to Kurt and the whole team at Bluealphagear.

  121. Valued Customer

    I have other Blue Alpha Gear “Cobra” belts but this one is my favorite because of the smaller end, allowing easier routing through pant hoops. I’ll probably end up buying another in the future and wish I had gone in for two during the Kickstarter.

  122. Valued Customer

    I saw the kickstarter for this belt on Instagram and was immedialty interested. I’m a minimalist and don’t like a lot of extras on things for no reason. That being said, I’ve owned three other EDC belts like this one, but this one tops them all! The smaller buckle makes life much easier when getting dressed. This belt is also very sleek and doesn’t have anything to get caught up on when putting it through belt loops. First impression out of the box was..this is the belt I’ve been looking for! I couldn’t be happier with this belt and can’t wait to see what else Blue Alpha Gear comes out with. Solid work guys.

  123. Valued Customer

    I was looking to get a belt like these and heard about the KickStarter for the Hybrid EDC belt. It was perfect since older cobra buckle designes were a pain in the butt to wear on jeans and shorts with normal belt loops. I love this belt, it’s also very high quality. The cobra buckle is quality like you expect, and the quality of the stitching and belt is just a good. Plus it’s made in the USA.

  124. Valued Customer

    COULDN’T! BE! HAPPIER!!!! Blue Aphpa paid attention to the small details! My pant size fits perfectly with room to spare on the belt in case I can’t put the pizza down! Lol. The logo and stitching is top notch. The belt is firm and light weight and the velcro is excellent. I’m just very pleased. I’m glad I ordered two and I’ll be telling my friend because she just started carrying and see needs a belt, as well. Blue Alpha, THUMBS WAY UP! *In my Sootch00 voice. Lol.

  125. Valued Customer

    Great every day belt. easy on easy off works with all my pants and shorts holds pewpew solid. I have zero complaints. Would absolutely recommend!

  126. Valued Customer

    I was in the market for a new belt and some friends turned me onto a kickstarter run by the gents at Blue Alpha Gear. I went ahead and placed my order and had great feedback along the way. Once the belt arrived I was extremely satisfied. The design is even more robust than described in the listing and the quality is second to none. Thanks guys!

  127. Valued Customer

    I first heard about Blue Alpha Gear on a podcast (We like shooting) just before they launched their Kickstarter. Needless to to say I hoped on it as soon as it went live. I got my gear within their expected shipping window as promised. When my Hybrid belts and was instantly impressed. The double webbing belt is stiff enough to do its job but retains enough flexibility to be comfortable for all day wear. The Cobra buckle is easy enough it put on and I does not impede comfort in any way. The belt is adjustable, roughly 1-2 sizes up or down from the purchased size, and can be done while wearing it where other belts of this style it may not be possible. If you’re looking for a new belt for everyday wear that can also double as a good option for concealed carry this is it. Made in America by good group of misfits. Plus Kurt owns the “Hundred dolla Highpoint” how can you not support a guy with such exquisite tastes?

  128. Valued Customer

    I was hesitant at first, but am very glad I made the purchase. This is by far the best belt I have ever owned. The quality, fit and materials are to notch. I would highly recommend this belt to anybody in the market for a new one. There is nothing complicated about it, super easy to get on and off and even faster to adjust the fit.

  129. Valued Customer

    I’ll start out by saying that this belt is awesome. It fits true to size and is easily adjustable. Build quality and materials are top notch. Since receiving the belt I have worn it every day and it has been flawless whether I am carrying or not. I carry at the 2 o’clock position with a spare mag at 11 o’clock and the belt not only holds the weight but even when unbuckled is sturdy enough to not flop around under the weight of the gun. Worth every penny!

  130. Valued Customer

    Glad I joined this kickstart – the best belt I have tried to date – fits 90% of my kydex holsters – easily will become my daily belt as it adapts so well for the conceal carry individual. I am very happy that Blue Alpha made this belt and if my size changes (lower) I hope to be able to purchase another. Thanks guys!

  131. Valued Customer

    Thank you so much for this incredible belt. The quality is excellent and the sound when closing the buckle is only comparable to the reassuring closing sound of a heavy mercedes benz car door. This belt is totally overbuilt for the purpose I am using it for – but that’s exactly why I’m loving it so much. Best regards – and sorry for my funny English – Lukas

  132. Valued Customer

    I have been wearing a 5.11 and Magpul Tejas as EDC belts, but due to my weight loss I needed another belt and chose this one. This belt is far superior to the 5.11, I love the stiffness of the belt and how it keeps my holster firmly in place during draw strokes. I would highly recommend this to someone that is looking for firearm EDC utility belt. I do like the Magpul still for when I need to wear a belt that is bit more for dress attire. I love this belt and will be purchasing another one once my waist size stabilizes.

  133. Valued Customer

    Great workmanship and great materials! Wears well and looks sharp. Flexible yet carries a holster well. The only gripe was I should have ordered two…

  134. Valued Customer

    I have been wearing the two for about a week now. These are awesome! They do fit through belt loops like advertised and the size are true to fit and are adjustable. The guys not only opened a shop during the process but got the belts delivered on time! Way to go BlueAlphaGear!

  135. Valued Customer

    I know most of you are buying this tactical belt because it works great with your pistol holster or knife that you like to carry. This review is for people who just want a great belt. Given how well constructed this belt is, it makes getting dressed a whole lot easier. It’s rigid enough that once you have it through the loops, its just a simple step into your pants. Gotta use the bathroom, your just a click and a zip away. If you want a belt that makes life easier and will last a lifetime, I highly recommend you purchase the Blue Alpha Gear belt. I have the original and the hybrid and they are both great!

  136. Valued Customer

    Not a huge bulky battle belt, but tougher and more rigid than a casual belt. The hybrid buckle is great, once you have the length adjusted its super quick on / off. Been wearing it for a week carrying a G19 and a spare mag and I’m glad I picked it up.

  137. Valued Customer

    This is the sturdiest belt I own. I have a few cobra-style EDC belts. This one by far is of greater quality than the others. The 1″ female buckle doesn’t work on all my belt loops. That’s not that big of a deal because it works for most of my pants. And if it doesn’t fit the loops I just use the tag end like a “normal” belt. This belt helps to hide my carry gun much better than others I have used. Love it and will recommend to others!

  138. Valued Customer

    I’ve been wearing blue alpha gear belts for over a year. My only complaint was the buckles being too large for most belt loops. I jumped on the kickstarter for the new hybrid edc belt right away. It was well worth the wait. Same excellent quality but so much more convenient to get on everyday. Keeps up the great work.

  139. Valued Customer

    Hats off to the team at Blue Alpha for this belt. A cobra buckle that you don’t have to take apart to put on and off. The belt itself is super sturdy and rigid, yet very comfortable to wear all day. Can’t say enough about the team for having the insight to want to make this belt.

  140. Valued Customer

    So I got in on the hybrid belt kickstarter. Like a dumbass ordered the wrong size. Followed their size correction process and they sent 2 new belts out in the right size along side a return label. Showed up at my door less then a week later. Class act, these guys are bad asses. Both belts are awesome. They have a customer for life in me. Given their build quality though that might not mean a lot of money down the road. Great work awesome company.

  141. Valued Customer

    I have been wearing this daily for the better part of 2 weeks now and I have to say, this is one of the best belts I have purchased recently. This will not only hold up your pants, but it will also do well with a loaded firearm as well. Will be purchasing a black one in the near future!

  142. Valued Customer

    I got my belts from the Kickstarter. Been wearing em every day since! Love them. They have great workmanship. Slide through the belt loops on all the pants I own, even some pairs with smaller belt loops. Anyone I’ve shown them to has been highly impressed. I would highly recommend getting one or two. Great job guys! Keep producing a great product!

  143. Ryan

    Amazing belt, built to last. At this point, I won’t buy pants if this belt won’t go through the loops. It’s a little stiff in the beginning, but after a couple of weeks, it develops a bit of a memory and is super comfortable. Can’t wait to own a second one at some point in another color.

  144. 1517 (verified owner)

    Hi all. I was look for a sturdy belt. STURDY is an understatement, this belt is very rugged. It has multiple purposes. It is a very well built Hybrid EDC Belt and the 1 inch buckle makes it easy to insert thru loops. As for BIG guys this belt fits!!! Just make sure to get measurements right. It is the right size which are harder to find for BIG guys. Suitable for many purposes. Will definitely recommend, quality and price are good!!! 🙂 Will but another.

  145. Tommy

    I just received my 4th Blue Alpha Gear belt. Not only are these belts the highest quality, Kurt and the rest of the Blue Alpha team are a pleasure to do business with. These guys bend over backwards to insure all of your needs are met. If you need something you don’t see on their site, drop them a line and they custom make it for you, almost overnight in most cases. I now have 2 of the hybrid cobra belts and 2 of the low profile belts, I couldn’t be more happy with them. To say that Blue Alpha Gear is a safe bet is a huge understatement.

  146. John R. Esau (verified owner)

    This is my first Blue Alpha purchase, and I must say; that I’m highly impressed with the product, and the customer service. After hearing about this company on an EDC forum, I looked into the belts, and checked all the reviews. Everything they say is true; and it is, as advertised. Believe it! I wanted the Hybrid EDC: because I wanted something which could be quickly put-on, or removed, just as fast. The webbing is solid, and rigid. There’s also, plenty of room for size adjustment. Go by the chart they provide, follow the instructions, and you won’t get the wrong size. Great to find an American-product that is functional, and works at a competitive price. Now; I just have to decide what color is next. Thanks, for all you guys do!

  147. Earl Antrim

    i bought my hybrid belt just over a year ago… and i can honestly say its not worth 5 stars its worth 10…. its my everyday belt and carries my weapon and extra mags without slip or sag… i have thrown out all my other belts even the ones i used to just hold up my pants… this belt does not stretch or sag at all … if you are thinking gun belt think bluealpha!!!!!

  148. esauj (verified owner)

    Just purchased my second ‘Hybrid EDC’ belt from Blue Alpha. It exudes the same consistent quality, as my original purchase. If your on the fence, I would advise you, to just order one today! One of the best EDC gun-belts for the money. Allows for perfect adjustment, with an easy: on/off profile. These guys have a top-flight customer-service policy, that puts you first. They go the extra-mile to make sure your happy with the merchandise! Recommended.

  149. Greg Broderick (verified owner)

    Blue Alpha gear has no competitors. You get what you pay for, and I believe their Hybrid EDC is the best. Top notch material and craftsmanship. I looked at 4-5 other companies with Cobra buckles, and chose Blue Alpha.

  150. Dez (verified owner)

    l Iike the Cobra Quick Release Buckles that are found on EDC belts. The mechanically smooth “click” is a very satisfying sound to the mechanically inclined, like myself. The Hybrid EDC Belt is perfect for daily use and very comfortable. Blue Alpha Gear uses custom Cobra buckles that use a smaller width female half, which is affixed to the belt with a narrower width of webbing. The result is that the buckle and the belt material are the same width, and pass through normal pants belt loops easily. The buckle also doesn’t pinch your stomach or obstruct in any way. It’s super simple and Cobra buckle is effective & secure.

    The belt is a 2-ply of amazing handmade high quality 1.5″ nylon webbing. It’s strong and does not sag when attaching some weight to it. I got two in Black & Coyote Brown. These EDC belts are made to order and are Made In The USA (Atlanta, GA) with a Lifetime Warranty.

    I wear this everyday and attach my Peak Design Capture v3 clip to secure my SLR camera with it. Awesome belts. Thoroughly recommended.

  151. Cam

    Solid belt. Holds up my cz75 with an extra mag no problem. Cobra buckle is solid and easy to adjust

  152. Matt Tipton

    I’ve held off writing a review on this belt until I’d used it for a while. I’ve worn this belt every day literally for almost a year. I normally carry a G19 or G43 in a incog iwb holster. It is simply the best belt I’ve ever owned. I fully expected it to sag after a few months of use, it is almost as stiff as the day I received it. It’s also made in the USA which still means something to me. Buy with confidence!

  153. Gabriel Arrojas

    I can say I really didn’t believe this product was getting all the 5 star reviews from actual customers. I thought to myself they have to be fake, but if they were fake I said well at least they are trying really hard to fool the public. I purchased the hybrid belt and let me just say this, it rightfully deserves the 5 star rating. I’ve had the belt only a brief time. It’s not hard to see and feel the quality. I will definitely encourage anyone to buy this product.

  154. Tactizote (verified owner)

    I ordered the hybrid belt a couple of weeks ago, and have been wearing it every day since it came in, which was very quickly. I have never been more pleased. The quality is second to none and the belt simply looks great. It easily holds up my Glock 23 and spare mag. I have been carrying a gun for 15 years but I never knew that I needed a belt like this until I actually bought one. I will be buying another black one along with the other two colors. My only complaint is that there aren’t more colors, because I would purchase them all. Worth every penny!

  155. stevenmoore1307 (verified owner)

    What an awesome product and even better customer service. Made in the USA, a quality product, hard to find these days. I ordered a size that ended up being a little too big. The quick form for a size swap free of charge was a breeze and I had the perfect fit delivered a couple days later. Plus the option for resizing down the road is really cool. I love the hybrid buckle as I can fit it through my pant loops no problem, which can be a problem with other belts when trying to carry AIWB. I highly recommend this belt and company without hesitation. I will continue business with this company. 11/10!

  156. Dino (verified owner)

    Excellent EDC belt. Use wether carrying or not as it is a solid belt and easy to put on and take off. Would highly recommend it!

  157. Trent (verified owner)

    Great belt! This is my second one I have purchased! My first one is about 2 years old and it works just like the day I got it after wearing it everyday. I wear this belt everyday to work and it never fails to keep my leatherman MUT fully supported. It’s very convenient that it fits through belt loops without taking the belt apart. I couldn’t be more pleased with this belt. As long as they product this belt I will keep buying them.

  158. Brian (verified owner)

    Very durable and comfortable belt, it’s all I’ve been wearing since I got it. The quality is better than expected and feels like it would last a lifetime.

  159. Nate s (verified owner)

    The quality on this belt is top notch and was delivered faster than I expected. As far as comparison I couldn’t tell ya. This is my first belt for carry. It’s kind of a pain to make small adjustments to because of the thickness of the belt. My wife had a good laugh when I almost pissed myself because I couldn’t get the buckle unlatched,that was operator error. Now that I have that figured out I can drop my draws whenever I want,much to my wife’s chagrin.

  160. Ryan Hall (verified owner)

    Excellent product, perfect for EDC and slides through belt loops with ease.

  161. Kenpoman1984 (verified owner)

    The quality is top knotch. Well made.
    Now, the smaller female buckle helps, but I still have dress pants it will not fit through. Fits through my jeans and khakis.
    I’d order again
    Also wanted to add, I ordered on a Monday and had it in hand the next Monday. Fast shipping. Was very pleased. Thanks

  162. Adam N (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed my hybrid EDC Belt very much. Always keeps my pants up and will soon use it for my EDC setup soon.

  163. mikemaina (verified owner)

    What else can I say that hasn’t been said already by all of these 5-star reviews. Great design, flawless execution and made in the USA. If you’re not buying a Blue Alpha, then you’re doing something wrong.

  164. Cameron

    Phenomenal belt! The coyote tan color looks great. I’ve had it for 3 months and I wear it every day and still hasn’t weakened.

  165. Jaron Bennion

    Best EDC belt I’ve ever had – comfortable and capable. Customer service is excellent. I ordered a 36 and after a couple days decided I should have gotten a 34. Contacted bluealphagear and they sent me the new belt with a shipment label to return my 36.

  166. Jesse (verified owner)

    This belt is truly amazing. I carry a Glock 30 which if anybody owns one it is not a light gun. This belt holds it in place perfectly. Very firm but not to the point where it’s hard and uncomfortable. If you are looking for a great belt look no further and buy this one.

  167. Jason Roberts

    I have had my belt for over a year now and dont a single bad thing to say. Still keeps its shape great and supports my appendix rig with comfort. That means a lot from someone who rides horses every day. They have a life long customer here.

  168. Jason Worsfold

    I’ve had a Blue Alpha Gear hybrid edc belt for almost 2 years and have never had an issue with it. It’s comfortable, works with all belt loops on pants and shorts I own. It has maintained is rigidity. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a edc belt.

  169. Corbin

    Got this bet for under a duty belt on my uniform pants. Can’t say anything bad about it, I have 3 1911 mags, my radio, cuffs, 1911, and OC on my duty belt and my belt never sags or folds over. Great access to tuck my shirt in again mid day. I would wear it more off duty but it does not fit through many concealable owb holster belt loops and it’s a bit of a hassle to undo it to put a mag pouch and holster on if I get somewhere that I can’t have my gun. It fits my 1.5” belt loops but not the 1.5” loops on my holsters for some reason. Great for iwb I carried my Glock 20 last week all day and never had to adjust it. I will probably be buying another soon for more options.

  170. Daren

    Hands down the best and most comfortable EDC belt I’ve ever owned! These guys definitely show love to the big guys like me. Thumbs way up!

  171. Joe (verified owner)

    This belt is perfect. I wear it everyday. It maintains its rigidity & quality. Highly recommended & quick shipment. Happy customer!!!!

  172. Donnie Bagwell

    Definitely with out a doubt my favorite belt that I own, supports a Glock 19, extra mag, and a Ka Bar TDI with no problem what so ever and is still very comfortable, made in the USA and tough as nails, I love it and I will purchase again

  173. Issac Garcia (verified owner)

    Great belt you can feel the quality! I use to to appendix carry it works great really. And best of all made in the USA.

  174. Bel Jacob

    Solid belt with a slimmer profile than most tactical belts. The belt fits perfectly with pants with accommodating loops like my 5.11 jeans, but a bit more time to wiggle it through normal pants. I have one in my range set up with a Wilder Tactical belt pad for more conservative belt and pad set up that doesnt ride too high or look bulky. Excellent product.

  175. Chad Hottman

    Hands down one of the best belts I’ve ever owned. Highly recommend!

  176. Riley Meredith

    I wear this belt every day. It’s comfortable, functional, and extremely well-made. Hands down the best choice for EDC.

  177. Brandon

    I’ve had this belt for a little over a year now and it’s been nothing short of perfect. I bought this belt a few months before I started conceal carrying so I could get used to wearing a gun belt. It’s very comfortable to wear with or without your gun on and in any thing you are doing. Even while working and moving around a ton it stays comfortable and supports your gun all day. Fair amount of room to adjust, If you gain or lose a little bit of weight or you eat to much haha. End of the day I recommend this belt every time someone asks me my opinion on gun belts. Will be picking up another in a different color sometime in the future.

  178. Davis Moore (verified owner)

    Very high quality, very secure, very sturdy. You can immediately tell it will last a long time. I had written off appendix carry until I tried it again with this belt, keeps my G19 in a Raven Eidolon very secure, turns out I was just using inferior belts before. Buckle doesn’t print and it is easy to use. BUT – just a heads up, it probably won’t fit through the loops of many of your holsters and mag carriers, just something to be aware of. Despite that, I am satisfied and would definitely buy it again.

  179. David Bryant (verified owner)

    I found the right belt…finally.
    The Hybrid belt is great and so too is customer service. I ordered the wrong size. They promptly sent me a replacement and a prepaid label to return the incorrect belt.
    Great job!
    I’ll be back!

  180. lifeincolorado (verified owner)

    This belt is of the highest quality. It works great with it without a rig attached. What more could you ask for?

  181. Hayden Reynolds (verified owner)

    Belt was shipped quick. When I got it it was pretty comfortable and is adjustable enough to fit a size or two bigger or smaller than the chosen size making this a belt that is adjustable enough in case of a loss or gain of weight. Also belt feels sturdy enough to outlast maybe even me. Definitely would recommend buying it.

  182. Erin Hubbard (verified owner)

    The hybrid belt is amazing. This belt holds everything in place where it is supposed to be. The customer service Janna provided sets this company apart. I have bought two belts and have passed Blue Alpha Gear onto my buddies. They too are impressed with the quality of this USA made belt and will be buying their own. Thanks again for your help and support.

  183. Victor (verified owner)

    Great belt I got it so far. The reason I bought this hybrid EDC belt was buckle can go through pants loop . It will be plus if different color of buckle can choose. Again, I would recommend to everyone if you want to get one.

  184. LG (verified owner)

    Belt was purchased for daily wear with appendix holster. Belt fits all my pants and shorts belt loops. Belt feels very durable with a strong buckle. Couldn’t be happier. Strongly recommend.

  185. JD (verified owner)

    This belt is great. It is considerably lighter than some other belts and just as sturdy, if not sturdier. Putting the belt on and taking it off are much easier with the Cobra buckle; no more repeated wear and tear like there is with hook and loop belts.

  186. Angel Castro (verified owner)

    Just recently bought the hybrid in OD , very impressed with design and how well made the materials are , this belt feels very strong but yet kinda minimal for everyday use , I do wish the OD was a dark tint but not gonna take a star off for personal preference , very satisfied will be buying more in a month or 2 for myself and my wife !. Also I wear 29 in waist and was unsure about belt sizes , belt fit perfect stick with sizing charts very accurate !.

  187. DannyV (verified owner)

    Awesome belt and such an improvement from the last one. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for there “last” belt they will ever need.

  188. Spencer Powell (verified owner)

    I had no idea what to expect from purchasing my first EDC belt but I am very pleased with what I chose to purchase. This product is amazing quality and seems like it will last for years under high amounts of use.

  189. lewis.andrew42 (verified owner)

    Just got it in today and already love it. Took some finageling to get it through my scrubs belt loops, but I can already tell I’m going to love this more than other belts. No more fiddling with trying to undo a stubborn belt in bathroom emergencies, just open the clasp and go. Can’t wait to try it out with my IWB holster. Definitely will recommend and buy again.

  190. Louis Ottino (verified owner)

    This belt was exactly what I was looking for, excellent construction.

  191. Timothy Connelly (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my belt. Great for even daily wear without carrying. And customer service is excellent

  192. GIDEON SEARLE (verified owner)

    The hybrid EDC belt is perfect for me. Sizing was spot on and the belt is comfortable to wear and carry. This is the best product I have ever used for my EDC. It also doesn’t pinch when you bend down to pick up little ones, which is a huge bonus for me. Thanks Blue Alpha Gear for making an awesome product!

  193. Jeffery Sargese (verified owner)

    Best belt I have owned. Comfortable, well made. I’m buying another.

  194. Daniel J Cameron (verified owner)

    I bought one of the belts from Amazon about a year and a half ago for work/hunting, in the black color scheme as my work requires a black belt be worn by employees that are not non-union managers, i.e. store directors. It has worked great and has held up really well. I bought my second one, in the coyote brown color scheme, direct from Blue Alpha, as the price was much better than what Amazon’s was, to wear outside of work and so I don’t have to transfer it to my jeans. I really like the low profile connector because it doesn’t dig into my stomach when I sit down, a problem I have with other belts as I am a little bit overweight. Looking forward to having both belts for many years to come.

  195. Jennie (verified owner)

    Been wearing a cobra belt buckle for years and love them. However, not having to take half the buckle off to put my belt on is amazing. I should have sprung for this sooner.

  196. CLH (verified owner)

    Great belt, I’ll be back for another. Other friends will be purchasing as well. Thanks for making a great belt at an affordable price!

  197. Gary (verified owner)

    The belt is great, high quality and made in the USA! I love the way the buckle looks and can tell how high quality and sturdy the belt is. Great for my holster, and work keys.

  198. DB (verified owner)

    Awesome quality. The belt is just stiff enough to support gear, but comfortable enough to wear all day. The buckle is equally as great. Customer service is stellar, as I ordered a size too small and contacted them about how to exchange for a larger size. They sent out the new belt without being asked to do so and also sent a pre paid return kit for the small belt. Thanks!

  199. Kyle ONeil (verified owner)

    I purchased this when I lost my old hiking belt that I had for years (Liger gun belt). Was looking for something lightweight, durable, and strong, and this fits the bill. Not overly stiff, but still strong enough to hold anything you’d want to attach at the hip. The buckle works well, with the smaller female end fitting through all my 1.5″ belt loops with ease. The only advise I’d give is to size down if you’re between sizes.

  200. Mark (verified owner)

    My review will be like many of the others… love the product, I am getting another one! Need I say more?

  201. Mike (verified owner)

    This is my second hybrid belt. My first one was worn regularly for about 2 years, and it shows virtually no signs of ever wearing out. The only reason I’ve replaced it is because of weight loss. These belts are made to last, and they are well worth the money. My new belt is of the same great quality, and I have no doubt it will last a long time.

  202. Austin (verified owner)

    Great belt, just buy it.

  203. Jake (verified owner)

    Fantastic belt, quality and construction is great, great fit!

  204. Ken B (verified owner)

    Best belt and buckle i have ever had. Fast delivery, great cust serv.

  205. Max (verified owner)

    Love this belt ! Quality is great and it fits perfect the fact I can wear this so easily through all my pants now is just so good! Thank you guys! Very recommended

  206. Rob Seng (verified owner)

    Best belt ever! Love the way the buckle works and the way it looks as well. Like everyone else I highly recommend it. If you carry heavy or not at all you will love this belt plus it’s made here in the USA!

  207. Travis N. (verified owner)

    Great quality, well designed, and well built belt. Customer service is outstanding. I ordered the wrong size belt. Blue Alpha Gear replaced it with the right size and took care of all the shipping, no questions asked. I will be buying another one. The EDC Hybrid is much stronger and sturdy than my thick, leather gun belts that I’ve paid more for. I love that this is a smaller ran business making products in the USA and putting Americans to work.

  208. Austin Price (verified owner)

    Love this belt. Can wear it with any set up and it still holds strong. Love that I can also wear it with most shorts.

  209. Alex F. (verified owner)

    Amazing belt!! Breaks in quick but does not lose its rigidity, and remains incredibly comfortable at the same time. Remarkable craftsmanship that they take pride in. Also, be sure to follow their sizing instructions so you can get the correct size the first time.

  210. Dustin Rieser (verified owner)

    Top of the line!! Superb product by far the best, most comfortable belt. Fast (free) shipping as well, ordered on Thursday night, received Monday afternoon. Could not be more pleased with this company and their products. Dont second guess yourself just order one , well worth the cost for a high quality EDC belt.

  211. Josh Haven (verified owner)

    Does what it says…there’s a reason it has over 200 5 star reviews

  212. Ryan S. (verified owner)

    Great product, looks good with everything from jeans to office chinos. Carries M17 + 2 mags with no problems.

  213. Cam S. (verified owner)

    Awesome belt! Great quality and speedy shipping. Rigid but not heavy and very comfortable. Love that that they are adjustable as well.

  214. Mike King (verified owner)

    Love this belt. On and off quickly. Gives my pants more support, I never have to yank them up. It also does all the things it is supposed to do with the holsters I wear but even if I wasn’t carrying this is a comfortable belt that is the most convenient operation I’ve ever seen. Looks f*cking cool too.

  215. Valrando LeDay (verified owner)

    Awesome belt, can hold up my Glock 17 with a TLR-1 HL AIWB no problem, also keeps my pants up throughout the day without any issues. Definitely going to be my everyday belt, no questions asked.

  216. Matt H (verified owner)

    Great quality and fast shipping.

  217. Ed Bilardi (verified owner)

    This belt is amazing . Well made strong construction . Works great for OWB and IWB EDC . You will not be disappointed with this belt

  218. Ryan Prebenda (verified owner)

    Awesome belt. Took a week or two to break in and get it fitted good, but once you get it set its good forever. Corba buckle locks up solid with a reassuring click. Of course the main reason I got it… Fits through standard belt loops. Im a skinny guy (got the smallest size) , followed their measuring chart and it fit me well right out if the package. I carry a glock 17 in the abdomen with no problems and the belt improved how well i can conceal it. I wear the belt differently… with the buckle at the 8 o’clock. Which makes it so the whole abdomen is open. No buckle right above the pockets and the thicker portion of the belt with the velcro is around back (my holster clip has a hard time grabbing all of it). Overall well worth the money and will probably get another.

  219. Stephen (verified owner)

    The Hybrid EDC Belt is a spectacular belt. I highly recommend. I ordered the wrong size the first time, and they sent me a replacement with shipping information to return the bigger belt immediately. The whole process was quick and painless. I will order another one and expand my color gamut, and I would just as soon order another one for the customer service alone. Well done, Blue Alpha Gear.

  220. Kathryn Osborn (verified owner)

    Great belt. Was afraid of getting the buckle through ladies belt loops but haven’t had a problem yet. Just a very secure well made belt 👍🏼

  221. Richard Burgunder (verified owner)

    This is an exceptionally well-designed and capable belt. I only wish that I would have found out about this belt prior to experimenting with several of others. While the other EDC belts that I’ve used in recent time have been also well-designed and capable; they simply weren’t the right fit for me. Moreover, the Hybrid EDC belt has filled the holes where other belts were lacking for my specific needs and/or desired fit. Furthermore, Blue Alpha Gear’s customer service is top notch as they’re personable and helpful when addressing questions concerning their products. I highly recommend this belt and Blue Alpha Gear. Thank you!

  222. Jordan H (verified owner)

    I went from a very high end gun leather belt to this and there is absolutely no contest, I’ll take this 100%. The belt catches on some smaller belt loops even though the buckle clears due to the belt having a little lip at the buckle, but in jeans it’s no problem. Holds everything in place way better than anything I’ve seen and no more annoying belt rattle either. I recommend getting this belt asap

  223. DERRICK ALLEN SIREKIS (verified owner)

    Nice belt, heavy duty. i’m no small guy. i wear 50 pants. and this belt so far is great. adjustable as needed. i’ve had for about a week so far. and happy with it.

  224. Ian K (verified owner)

    Great Belt, Great Buckle, 100% satisfied with it in everyway. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone whether they carry or not.

  225. Zac Tyll (verified owner)

    Best edc belt possible. Bought this to replace my 5.11 tactical. Very happy with my purchase. If anything ever happens with this one, I’ll definitey be buying another. Great product.

  226. Steven (verified owner)

    Best cobra belt I have used will last a very long time

  227. T (verified owner)

    An American-owned and operated company providing a great product, customer service, and delivering before expected? I’ll be ordering another just to support you guys. And for all of the people who have to contact them regarding ordering the wrong size: READ THE DAMN SIZING GUIDE! It worked perfectly for me. 6′ 185 ordered a 32″ in wolf gray and it’s perfect.

  228. Stephen Ralph (verified owner)

    This is an absolutely fantastic EDC belt. If you’re not using one of these you’re wrong!

  229. Christian (verified owner)

    Excellent belt! Only had minor issues getting it to fit though my belt loops but overall an amazing fit. Works well for conceal carry as well as a inner belt for my duty belt.

  230. Catty (verified owner)

    The belt is excellent! It was a gift for my husband and he loved it! It fit perfectly! He is really happy with how easy it is to put on and take off! We had problems with delivery to Mexico and customer service was awesome!! When the first belt didn’t arrive they sent a second belt, and when that didn’t arrive either they were kind enough to send a third one to an address in the US! That last one we finally got! Incredible service, I couldn’t believe how helpful they were! Great experience, despite the issues with receiving the product!.

  231. Alec (verified owner)

    I love it. Fits great, feels great, looks great. My only complaint at all is when I have to put my old belt back on for work. Great company, great product.

  232. Clint (verified owner)

    I’ve used a number of “concealed carry” belts in the past with mixed results. I’ve always wanted to EDC a belt with a Cobra buckle but didn’t want the hassle of removing one of the buckle ends to weave it through my belt loops. I’ve seen some belts with smaller Cobra buckles but they were either needlessly thick due to overlapping webbing layers under the buckle or were expensive. Upon discovering Blue Alpha Gear, I immediately bought this belt as it was exactly what I’ve been looking for all along. I can confirm that not only is the belt great after several weeks of daily wear, but my purchase experience was great overall. Great product at a great price with a great warranty that shipped promptly and is made in the USA! What’s not to like?

  233. CORY COLE (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery and quality material. Two thumbs up.

  234. Todd Thielen (verified owner)

    This hybrid belt replaced a 511 belt that I was using. The 511 was 1.75″ wide which created an issue with my IWB holster catching the bottom of the belt well enough. This belt certainly took care of that issue. Additionally, the easy open/close buckle is so much nicer that a Velcro rip each time. Very simple functionality, and the belt has fit through the belt loops of all of my pants so far – there are some where it takes a little bit more effort, but they all worked. Very satisfied.

  235. Joey Ingle (verified owner)

    First belt from Blue Alpha Gear and it is worth every penny. I went with the Hybrid EDC in coyote brown and it’s a good look for blue jeans and shorts. Structurally it is very stout. Even though the buckle is smaller than the Cobra EDC, i have a few pairs of pants that are a little challenging to thread it through but nothing too bad. Very secure with my IWB holster and I wouldn’t hesitate to get another. I’ve had several people see mine and order themselves one. Fine belt and very good customer service. I wear a 36″ pant size and that’s the size I ordered and it fits perfectly. If this belt ever wears out, I will be happy to order another but I don’t see that happening for a long time.

  236. Oliver Quinn (verified owner)

    This is an excellent belt made by an awesome company. The quality and rigidness is unbelievable. I can easily load this thing up and it still does not sag. Now that I have tried this belt, I want one in every color!

  237. Alfonso Roman (verified owner)

    This is my first belt from Blue Alpha Gear and when I first received it I was very impressed at the quality of the belt. Once, I put it on I couldn’t believe how much I loved the belt. Bought it in the beginning of the spring as all winter I was wearing a regular belt that got worn out real quick. This belt is great to wear with any kind of pants or shorts wether it be for work or casual wear. I’ve also worn it with basketball shorts and shorts without loops and it still does a great job.
    Also, love how inside the package it says that if you picked the wrong size just send it back and they’ll send you the correct size. Highly recommend this product to those looking for a great EDC belt.

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